Mirror Sessions

At HOPE Counseling Center you have the option to participate in one-way mirror sessions for only $20 per session for 8 weeks! Mirror sessions in our Roseville or Sacramento office.

Why One-Way Mirror Sessions
Benefits of the program include a team approach to provide you with quality therapy and to allow therapist trainees and interns to have increased clinical skills. Prior to the first mirror session you are introduced to the supervisor and can meet all other clinical staff in the mirror training program. You will work with one counselor and have the opportunity of feedback from the team at the end of the 8 weeks. Sessions are 45mins in length.

Participants must be willing to be observed from behind a one-way mirror while in treatment and willing to work with a trainee or intern. Participants are asked to extend their release of confidentiality, allowing observation of the therapy sessions.

The commitment to the program is for 8 weekly sessions of 45 minutes each. After completion of the 8 weeks, you have an option to continue with the therapist at a negotiated fee.

Individuals and couples

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